A Transmedia Exploration of Dreams and Sleep

At CML, we dream of a world in which individuals leverage their inner wisdom to live more authentic and fulfilling lives. We believe that tapping into our dreams (the kind we have at night) is a powerful way to get there so we’re working hard developing media and interactive experiences that connect people with their dreams.

Our approach to dreams brings together technologies from diverse fields – from storytelling to systems thinking – to begin sketching a map of our collective wisdom that can be used to expand our creativity, investigate social challenges, and explore the rich data provided by our dreams.


Sleep On It podcast

The Sleep On It podcast takes listeners on a journey to understand what our wild minds are telling us when we’re not barreling through our waking lives. An unmatched window into our hearts and minds, dreams can influence our moods, our decisions. Once we listen to our dreams, we can transform nightmares from a source of paralysis to a source of empowerment; find relief in absurdity; and discover meaning in recurring dreams.  This kind of metamorphosis undoubtedly impacts those around us – family, friends, coworkers, lovers and society. That’s an inspiring ripple effect that we’re diving into with a splash.

If you’d like to share a dream with the potential of being featured, click here. We’ll see you…in your dreams.


DreamCatcher 2.0

Circadian Media Lab has created a roving “booth” to collect dreams from participants at select conferences, museums, and other public events. An intimate, interactive space, DreamCatcher 2.0 gives participants an opportunity to share stories and think deeply about their dream life. Dreams collected from DreamCatcher 2.0 are being used in a number of related media experiences, including our upcoming Sleep On It podcast.