SOCAP Oceans

There is a growing awareness of the connection between our well-being as humans and the health of our oceans. To fuel innovation and attract a broader set of stakeholders to participate in the sustainability of our oceans, Circadian Media Lab in association with Social Capital Markets and the David and Lucile Packard Foundation created the SOCAP:Oceans initiative.

SOCAP: Oceans is a multi-faceted project that includes multi-stakeholder convenings, a curated track of 16 panels and workshops at SOCAP13, and a selection of rich multimedia and experiential programming. By empowering individuals and organizations from diverse communities to see themselves as agents of change, we are working to catalyze and promote the preservation of aquatic ecosystems, coastal livelihoods, and sustainable seafood supply chains.

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Dreamscape: A Multi-Media Exploration of Dreams and Sleep

At CML, we dream of a world in which individuals leverage their inner wisdom to live more authentic and fulfilling lives. We believe that tapping into our dreams (the kind we have at night) is a powerful way to get there so we’re working hard developing media and interactive experiences that connect people with their dreams.

Dreamscape spans various media – from the Sleep On It podcast to a roving dream collection booth to a collaboration with San Francisco’s de Young Museum – and beyond.

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The HUB is an international network of collaborative work spaces for social entrepreneurs and change-makers. Since its launch, CML has been advising San Francisco’s HUB San Francisco on projects and initiatives from media to scalable programming and content.  HUB San Francisco and CML will be producing co-branded events in 2013 around next generation capital, collaborative spaces and leadership development.

HUB Oakland is the newest member of the HUB network, situated at the vibrant center of Oakland’s new Urban Innovation Cluster. Responding to the diverse needs of its home city, HUB Oakland will provide a collaborative environment for new mission-driven businesses and community leaders to work side-by-side in creating solutions for a better world.  CML’s Jeff Leifer is founding member of HUB Oakland and CML is advising the organization on branding, strategy and programming, and will be collaborating on experiential events. Stay tuned!  

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Leading with Wisdom

In 2012, CML collaborated with Amazon Watch and The Pachamama Alliance for Leading with Wisdom, which brought 20 leading social entrepreneurs to the Ecuadorian Amazon. There, they immersed themselves in the cultures of the Achuar, Sarayaku and other Indigenous communities. Participants gained a renewed sense of how to listen to their own wisdom before having the unique honor of attending a summit of dozens of tribes who convened to discuss the environmental injustices they’ve suffered at the hands of Big Oil. This momentous journey was so powerful to the group that it inspired a joint initiative between Amazon Watch and The Pachamama Alliance to support the indigenous tribes in the impending “11th Round” – the proposed auction of ten million acres of rainforest to oil companies.  

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For the second year in a row, CML curated a program track called The Power of Unlikely Alliances for SOCAP, the leading international conference on the intersection of money and meaning. The panel themes range from storytelling to the venture capitalist perspective on impact investing to dream work (an exploration of dreams from sleep to uncover their deeper meanings). CML also brought the Dream Catcher 2.0 to the conference – an installation for participants to self-record dreams that have inspired their career and life paths.  

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